the harmony

of opposites

Who is Andréa Linzmeyer? Well, that depends on who you ask and in what setting. Like a bowtie, one can wear it to a high society event or one can wear it as a hipster statement piece; Andréa has learned to embrace her two contrasting natures - her professional self and her personal self. Her communication style is visual and so she likes to tell many stories. Metaphors are her favorite way of getting a message across.
Professionally Andréa is:

Personally Andréa is:

the appearance

of success

Don't let Andréa's youthful appearance fool you, she's been in the design industry for almost a decade. Having over-achiever parents, Andréa began her career early - while she was still in university. Her passion for design came even earlier than that, where she was accepted into the CyberArts program at her designated technical high school. She began coding websites at a young age as she discovered social media through the form of MySpace. She coded so often that to this day, most think she is still only doing web design. Although she still enjoys web design, her true passion lies in brand identity.