01 What is your creative philosophy?

I believe that my work is an exchange of value. I like to solve problems with my clients rather than for them and in turn create functional design to achieve their goals and needs. Really getting to know their taste and ideas through imagery and communication allows me to produce work they are happy with in the long run.

02 What's exciting about working on branding projects?

Most of my clients come from a variety of fields and industries with different goals and values. I've always enjoyed having variety in my life as I get along well with a multitude of people, so having clients from all walks of life is no different. It's exciting to be able to learn about different cultures, ideas and goals and translate that into design. Knowing the audience is key.

2.5 What's exciting about working on web design projects?

With web design, it is much more methodical. Web coding and design has come a long way since I started, with most people having the mentality of "I can do it myself". They can, this is true thanks to advances in technology, but the result may not be what they hoped for. This is where aesthetics and in part, branding, comes in. Mobile is very important.

03 How do you work with clients from different countries?

I welcome work from anywhere as long as it is work with integrity and moral ethics. I have a set of questions I like to ask, including visual inspirations, and then I send out a detailed quote for approval once I understand the scope of work. My work is first methodical and then creative, which ensures both my client and I are happy with the results.

04 Why did you decide to venture out on your own?

Having entrepreneurial parents, I grew up knowing much about finances and how a business is run, so I knew I could do this myself. Having a 9-5, forever job is wonderful but when you work as fast as I do, it can become tedious and repetitive. I like to surround myself with a variety of energies and having a multitude of clients allows me to be more productive and engaged.

05 Do you keep up with design trends?

Not necessarily, because what is a "trend" anyway? I enjoy many aspects of design and art but my focus has always been business, as design will only take you so far. Recently, I shifted my focus from design overload and into business communications. Which is why I decided to return to school for a semester in business communications at Stanford University. I am a life long student, I learn from everything and every now and then I return to school to learn something I find valuable. I don't find design trends all that valuable as it is temporary, with no real lasting impact.