the world of pole dancing.

Sasserina The Night has been four years in the making. Pole dancing was like watching Harry Potter, and pretty much like anything else that I've now come to love - I had to be dragged to it. A friend and I had bought a groupon for a studio in the neighbouring town. I felt so challenged (in a good way) and intrigued by how well I actually did that I stuck around - for four years. Not in the same studio. No.. I've now become a studio explorer. As a kid I was in ballet, jazz and hip hop but through pole dancing and burlesque it allowed my Venus in Scorpio to flourish.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) after three years, I got a pretty bad shoulder injury from it. These are things no one talks about, that no one prepares you for. When it feels like your arm is about to fall off and you can't sleep or even put on your jacket. I never considered myself an athlete but suddenly I felt like one of those failing basketball players. Did I think my shoulder injury would last this long? No. Did I think it would just bounce back? Yes.

Nowadays I teach. The easy, dance stuff. Which brings me many joys because I've always been a soul dancer. I've also discovered yoga. That challenged me and helped with my more flexy moves. I'm actively working with my personal trainer to rehabilitate my shoulder (still!) and overall strength. It's amazing how quickly you can lose your strength when you're not in the studio everyday.